Marinda Tran, Flutist
Marinda Tran, Flutist
Classical Music for Modern City Life

The Ensemble


The Ensemble...

The Ensemble is a network of people who enjoy being in a high class environment of fellow intellectuals, travellers, and art appreciators. 

Ensemble members get exclusive invites to elite monthly events designed specifically for members of The Ensemble. Each event is wrapped around members' taste and preferences, including date, time, & theme. Local artists' works transform the space of the venue into one that is The Ensemble's very own, amplified by the live performances of classically trained musicians dedicated to The Ensemble.

Ensemble members get exclusive access to :

  • Monthly Elite Ensemble Events
  • Rehearsals of Dedicated Ensemble Musicians (Get behind-the-scenes!)
  • Video Footage of Ensemble Musicians Performing

& exclusive invites to:

  • Choose Ensemble Event Dates & Themes (So you know you can make it!)
  • Choose What Marinda Tran's Next Music Video Release Will Be





The Ensemble is currently open to new, founding members...

The Ensemble aims to treat each member as a VIP. While we are currently welcoming new founding members, we also strive to maintain quality of service for our present members.  

Currently, The Ensemble is only $10 / month for Founding Members!

If you are interested in joining The Ensemble, please leave us your contact information in the form below so that we may contact you & give you the personal, VIP treatment you deserve.

A world of creativity, inspiration, and high-class entertainment awaits - curated by and for The Ensemble.